Black & White Film Developement Charts

Developement times based primarily for 35mm films. Use of these tables with medium format and sheet film should provide statisfactory results, however, a snip test is recommended. Use these charts at your own risk, and never use any chart until you've done a test roll successfully.

These charts are to be used as starting points as all photographers need to develop a darkroom technique and consistency of their own. Times based on 1 inversion every 30 seconds as standard at 20C or 68F. All times in minutes.

Please feel free to print and distribute these charts.
Film Type: EFKE


Film Type Efke 25 Efke 50 Efke 100
Rated ISO 25 50 100
Developer Type
Amaloco AM 74 1+7 X X 3.5
Calbe R09 1+40 ( Agfa Rodinal ) X X X
Classic F09 1+40 6 9 13
Foma Fomadon 1+10 4 7 9
Ilford ID11 Stock 6 7 8
Kodak D76 Stock 6 7 8
Kodak Tmax 1+4 4.5 X X
Tetenal Neofin blue 7 8 15
Tetenal Neofin Doku X X X
Tetenal Neofin red 6 5 10
Tetenal Ultrafin liquid 1+10 5 3.5 X