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getting a third hensel
Old 04-18-2007, 09:53 AM   #1 (permalink)
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I am thinking about getting a third hensel monolight to go with the two in the kit I bought last year.

I am tempted to get the 'Hensel Integra Pro Plus, 1000 Watt Second Monolight.' My thinking is that this will give me more options.

The style I am evolving now though is for low key lighting so I have second thoughts. Perhaps the 1000 watt second monolight will flood my (generally one model) sets with too much light.

Also a consideration to me is that I might only rarely need the greater light and it is twice the money.

Would the 1000 ws light be beneficial with a strip softbox, as in giving a more even light from top to bottom?

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Re: getting a third hensel
Old 04-18-2007, 10:46 AM   #2 (permalink)
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FWIW, when I asked Rolando in his workshop about having higher wattage light He said something like that:

I have 17 Hensel lights at home, all are 500 ws
At M Dean Studio, we use 500 ws Hensel light
Finally Rolando told me that just get the 500 ws light. That is all I need for Glamour work.

I tend to agree with him, during the shoot, The lights were placed relatively close to the model.
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Re: getting a third hensel
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It really depends on how and what you shoot. If you have a small space, the lower power lights will be fine.

If you need to fill a large light bank with light, you will need more power. My power supplies range from 200 to 2000 in the Norman line, 1200-2400 in the Balcar Line, and all 500's in the Ultra line. I use the ultras for accent lights mostly and main and fill for portraits and weddings on location. I have five of those. I hope to have about 10 when I am done so I can do more of the Playboy Centerfold style shoots. You can never have too many lights on locations, unless you are the one who has to carry them.

When I am shooting 4x5 or larger or table top images, I use the larger packs. Can't get f:45 out of a 500 unit in a soft box unless you set it on the subject.
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Re: getting a third hensel
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Hi. I personally would not get a 1000ws Hensel unless you really feel you need that power. I can go outside with a Hensel Integra 500 Pro Plus and a Hensel 22-inch beauty dish and still over-power the sun with flash, though I'm sure a 1000WS makes it easier. Keep in mind, all Hensel lights are labeled with "real" not effective watt-seconds, so if you're used to using cheaper lights, you might not realize that when Hensel says, "1000 watt-sconds" you are in fact getting 1000 and not half or less of that.

To clarify, I own a bunch of Hensel Integra 500's as they are great for accent lights, hair lights, background lights, etc., and even for my main and sometimes if I elect fill or kicker lighting. I have two Hensel 1200WS Ringflash units with 3 Hensel Porty Premiums battery packs with extra EHT1200 flash heads--but I need that type of fire-power when doing workshops and elaborate shoots.

I also have two Vela systems that I'm trading in for the new Hensel systems coming out this year that give the Dyna-Lite DR1000 a run for their money, not to mention Hensel's new battery pack is coming out too that will run a bunch of stuff on location including their 500's.

While many will argue about lights when it comes to brand, I look for ease of use and accuracy so I can work efficiently and smarter--any seasoned pro can take any brand of light and make it work, but top pros know how to work smart with the right tools for the right job.

I will say, you're on the right track for lighting, I hope that helps, wishing you the best, rg sends!

(One Hensel Integra 500 Pro Plus w/Hensel Beauty Dish and a Hensel fired fireplace with Hensel Logs and Hensel Gas, model wearing Hensel Skin and Hensel jewelry--the scrunchie on her wrist is not by Hensel, it's by mistake, but I still like it cause it's my mistake and it will come up upon publication) (grin)
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Re: getting a third hensel 
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