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Help me shop! (Hensel)
Old 02-17-2006, 03:38 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Thanks to the folks who responded to my Hensel vs. Elinchrom thread, I've pretty much decided on the new lighting equipment I'm going to buy, and now only need some help choosing what accessories to get at the same time. The problem is that I've got to get this mail-order as none of the local Montreal dealers carry Hensel (or Elinchrom for that matter) gear.

First decision is what I should keep/salvage from my current accessories. I have several Photoflex convertable umbrellas as well as several of their softboxes (my favorite is a 5' Octodome). The umbrellas for sure I'll keep, but should I get new Hensel softboxes or just new speedrings for my current boxes? Comments, pro/con? If the Hensel softboxes are particularly easy/fast to set up and disassemble (faster than Photoflex) then that would be a real selling point. But economically at least, it makes more sense to just get new speedrings.

Anyway, how do I decide what reflectors to get? There seem to be SO many options (remember, my background is Alien Bees and their standard reflectors. I'm certainly baffled at the options Hensel offers.

Here's the (LOTS of money!) list so far:

Integra Pro Plus KIT (includes a bunch of stuff)
Porty Premium KIT (includes a bunch of stuff)
Extra EHT 1200 Porty head

The above would give me a total of 4 heads (two for each system), two transmitters, umbrellas and umbrella reflectors, and also two 18" x 26" softboxes with speedrings and some other stuff. It's the rest of my list that I could use some opinions on:

22" Beauty Dish (a MUST-have for me!)
Soft bag for beauty dish
Head extension cable (#579) for Porty
9" Reflector (S,M,L) & grid (20,30,40,50) set
9" 10 degree grid
Backlight reflector
Narrow snoot
4-leaf Barndoors w/filter holder for 9"

Am I missing anything you consider important? Is there something on my list that's not worth getting?

Thanks for all your help so far!

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Re: Help me shop! (Hensel)
Old 02-17-2006, 05:08 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Good lord. I wish I knew more about Hensel stuff. The opportunity to spend somebody else's money on gadgets? Wow. I need to be alone for a few minutes......
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Re: Help me shop! (Hensel)
Old 02-18-2006, 01:41 AM   #3 (permalink)
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well everybody's needs are different depending on what they are gonna be shooting (and where).

I have (6) 500W Pro's (Not the Plus) MonoLights, Hensel is coming out with aBattery pack to make their Monolights portable in April. they are also coming out with a 1000w version of the Monolights.

I have the 5' Octodome soft box by Photoflex and while it is nice, it sucks up the power. I have three Photoflex boxes (and their Speed rings) and they work great. i do have the lil' Hensel softbox that comes in the Kit, but have never used it.

the hensel Light stands were a bit too light duty for me so I sold them off, my fav light stands are the Bogen 3361's.

Got most all my stuff from B&H, although Samy's, Adorama and a local So. Cal. store all carry Hensel acessories, so I never really had any problems filling out my stuff.

I went with the 7" Hensel Reflectors, along with Barn Doors, Beauty Dish, Grids, #92 Snoot and a #156 Backlight Reflector.

Moving up from White Lightnings, I had two of their Lite-Mods, which I used JB Weld to attach #87 Reflectors to so that I could use my White Lightning Gels and Gel Holders, it's much easier than using gaffers tape (IMO). I also bought (6) of the White Lightning Light Bags, the hensels fit right in them and they are very padded and a great value at $13 each.

The Hensel lil' umbrella that comes in the kit is great on a boom for a hair light.

Sinc I already had pocket wizards and since I did not like the hasel involved with using the Hensel transmitters, I opted to get the non "Plus's", besides at $100 MORE each, the money I saved on five Lights bought my sixth...

You'll be happy...

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Re: Help me shop! (Hensel)
Old 02-18-2006, 05:14 AM   #4 (permalink)
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First let me start by saying I am not familiar with Hensel's products. But I know someone who is, Rolando. Attend one of his seminars to get some hands on experience with their products, and an educational discount. It's a bargin at the price. Nothing beats handling the equipment and actually shooting with it.

Get some Matthews C stands, they beat the fold up ones hands down.

I find more and more I want a tight spot that I can't get with a 10 degree grid. Consider a fresnel spot, though it probably blows your budget.

Your getting a grid set, make sure you have the reflectors or holders to grid all or most of your heads.

Thow in a set of colored gels from Rosco.

I like Pocketwizards, and now you can get them built into many products.

Have fun with your new lights.

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