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objektiv 08-29-2005 11:46 PM

Shooting in blacklight?
I was asked to take some photos in a club that is going to be lit mainly with blacklight. I assume this works in theory because I think I've seen some shots using that paint that glows under blacklight but I also imagine that a tripod is a must and the light output is very low. We're probalby talking extremely long shutter speeds. I also imagine using a flash would totally wash out the blacklight effect and probably ruine the effect they're going for at this event and generally annoy everyone. Is it even possible to shoot something like this, especially hand holding the camera or would this just be a colossal waste of time? I have a nikon D70. It has up to 1600 ISO but the pictures look like [censored] at that setting and I'm willing to bet even at 1600 a club lit with blacklights isn't going to provide enough light to do anything worthwhile. If there's any way to make this work though please enlighten me. Thanks!

Andy_Pearlman 08-30-2005 12:06 AM

seen them here somewhere....
I recall seeing some blacklight pix posted here a few months back, maybe the poster or someone else will remember who it was to help you search for them. I've never shot under blacklight, but I believe somewhere there are blacklight strobes, or filters to make strobes into blacklight strobes. I'm thinking of the ones you see in haunted houses at Halloween, so you might try inquiring at theatrical lighting place, or Halloween supply place, especially since Halloween is coming up. I recall these images were quite sharp, involved some blur motion (intentional), and were not grainy. Its possible the photographer just used very long shutter speeds, or a ton of blacklights unit (I used to sell them when I was in high school - you just get the bulbs and use them in standard fluorescent fixturess) to get the intensity up where he needed it. Just because the club is lit with a few small, dim lights, doesn't mean you can't supplement it for the one time you shoot. If you have to shoot while the club is open to the public, and long shutter speeds don't work (maybe go in and run a test first), explain to the owner that you need to use additional constant lights, or to rent the strobes. You can't do magic, and he will have to pay for the additional cost.

Andy Pearlman
Andy Pearlman Studio

Flich 08-30-2005 01:30 AM

Re: Shooting in blacklight?
Here is the thread Andy was talking about.

GG Thread with Blacklight Images


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