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KODAK\'s new digital monster WOW
Old 02-14-2005, 04:30 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Heres the write up I read on kodak's site.


At 14 megapixels, the KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n Digital Camera is not only one of the industry's highest resolution digital SLRs, it provides the industry's widest ISO range in a digital SLR. The camera has a total selectable ISO range from 6 to 1600 with a calibrated ISO from 6 to 800 (using RAW, JPEG, ERI JPEG files) and a non-calibrated ISO from 1000 to 1600 (using DCS RAW files). In normal exposure modes, ISO settings between 160 and 1600 are available in 1/3-stop increments, while in the "longer" exposure mode, ISO settings can be selected between 6 and 50 in full-stop increments.

The DCS Pro SLR/n offers a full-frame 35 mm-size CMOS sensor for extremely high-resolution images (4,536 x 3,024 pixels) with no focal length magnification effect. Equal in size to 35 mm film, the DCS Pro SLR/n Camera's focal length magnification is 1:1 so lenses work like they did with film.

Files can be saved as variable-resolution RAW, JPEG and ERI-JPEG files. Depending on the shot or situation, you can save an image at 14, 6, or 3 megapixels. Achieve spotlight detail, color, and texture by capturing at higher resolutions; speed workflow by capturing at lower resolutions.

Whatever your image, you won't lose it-Picture Protection and extended range imaging technology (ERI-JPEG) will see to that. And ERI can even compensate for errors after you take the shot.

Like all Kodak DCS Cameras, the DCS Pro SLR/n has free firmware and software upgrades, so you always have the latest advancements.

The KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n Digital Camera accepts NIKON lenses and accessories. You get the compatibility of your F-mount lenses, while enjoying the higher functionality of a KODAK PROFESSIONAL camera.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk and Camera Manager software are included free with the KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n Digital Camera. KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Custom Looks, a software package that can create the look of several films and filters, is compatible as well and available as a free download when you register your camera.

The KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n is as advanced as a digital camera gets, and thanks to the free firmware and software upgrades, it can stay that way.

Sample images from the camera DCS PRO SLR/n

A Picture taken by the camera.

A Close up view of the camera. ewww its niiiiiiiice DAM ITS TEMPTING!!!!!

a review of it.
Some Quick Thoughts On the Kodak DCS
Old 02-14-2005, 09:52 AM   #2 (permalink)
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First and foremost, know this about me. I have been raised to embrace Kodak, protest Fuji and other Kodak competition. I have strong family ties to Kodak especially the digital division. So the fact I shoot with an S2 and will write what I am about to about the Kodak could put me in a special circle of hell.

Now, the Kodak DCS Pro series is Kodak's attempt at salvaging the 14n which never really picked up any steam in the industry and its flaws were glaring and not able to be repaired by simple firmware upgrades.

It is in fact a full 35mm CMOS sensor and it is a high resolution. I spend a few days with PPA testers and Kodak sponsors and played with both the N and C models. I hate to say this, but if your looking at the C model, just forget about it, it is not the mount Kodak likes to push, hence look at the rebates... which mount are they really trying to get rid of? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Both cameras have a slow burst rate as well as focus time, but the C version is just a little too much to ignore, I love Canon glass but I have to say I spent more time using VR lenses on the N model and finding better results.

If you are going to be in a studio and not looking to fire off frame after frame at different focal lengths, this camera could work for you. But a pro out of the studio will find very quickly that the camera is rather bulky without a tripod hard to hold, not the most ergonomic camera I have ever seen and the noise levels are quite present on anything over ISO 320.

For the money put into the Kodak, I would suggest looking into options from the prime manufacturers at the moment (Canon or Nikon).

I think Kodak is on the right track, and we have to keep in mind 05' is the year they are claiming to go mainly digital with all r&d funding, but sadly I would pass on the current DCS pro's, next generation of them should be a more complete digital SLR.

just my quick $0.02


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Re: KODAK\'s new digital monster WOW
Old 02-14-2005, 09:53 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Ok, well, first of all, this thing's been out for many months.

Also, as for their claim of "most advanced digital camera" .... the thing's still got the same over-enthusiastic noise reduction of the 14n, and surprisingly bad noise above the base ISO (though not as bad as the original sensor), still gotta wait seventeen years every time the temperature drops slightly for the thing to run a calibration routine, still takes quite a few seconds to start up, still got amateur level flash-sync, etc etc.

Look at the Canon 1Ds II or Nikon D2x for state of the art.

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