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seekerofbeauty 01-03-2003 08:50 PM

A basic question
I'm having a lot of trouble calibrating my monitor with my printer. In other words, my printed pictures don't look the monitor picture for brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, and most of the time, tint. I realize that each effects the other, of course.

The question is, would anyone care to recommend some software for calibrating monitors to printers? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this situation, so do include cost (if known) in your answer.


Doug (Former Photographer)

rjwarren 01-03-2003 10:05 PM

Re: A basic question

You've asked the biggest question in current digital technology. Here are a few thoughts.

First, you can go to your monitor control panel (this is assuming you're on a PC) and click on "Advanced". One of the tabs under advanced is "Color Management". See what your current color management is -- probably it's defaulted to nothing. Pick the "Gamma 2.2 monitor" setting. It's kind of a standard for monitors.

You can experiment with the other profiles you see under that tab. If there are no profiles available, you need to go out on the net and find a few. Some suggestions -- if you're on a PC, Microsoft has a few on their site. Search the Knowledge Base for "color management" and they'll explain all of it to you -- with links.

You can also go out to your monitor's manufacturer and (possibly) find color profiles to match. You can also do a search on Google or Teoma for "(your monitor) ICC color profile" and see what you get. There are lots of them to be downloaded. Some are better than others.

The third option is to buy a Colorvision Spyder calibration tool and create your own profile. That custom profile will correct your monitor, and you can create a matching color profile for your printer and scanner. Whew! That's a LOT of work.

I've been lucky in that my manufacturer-provided profiles have been sufficient to give me great color output. My camera (Fuji S2) assigns a color space to the image, and I can carry that through the Photoshop process to printing. Works for me and works for my outside printing lab.

Best of luck!


This can be a challenge to print without the right profile!

ewfoltz 01-04-2003 08:37 PM

Re: A basic question
If you are using photoshop... there should be an icon in your control panel called "adobe gamma". You can use this to make sure your monitor is properly calibrated. It's also important to make sure that you have the proper profiles loaded for the media that you are using with your printer. Some papers have very distinct color casts if you don't have the right profile loaded. You can find links to alot of the manufacturers profiles at
Good luck.

seekerofbeauty 01-04-2003 09:42 PM

Re: A basic question
I really appreciate the responses this question has received. I guess I should have been more specific. You guys are talking as one pro to another. I'm flattered, but not presently in that league. I MAY have asked the question in the wrong forum.

I can't, at present, justify the expense of Photoshop, (and all the lovely things that come with it) no matter how much I KNOW it's the ONLY editing software I can expect REAL results from. It's a handicap, but one I must live with, for now.

I am currently exploring my printer's website for color management profiles and will have to deal with what I can find. I was hoping that someone had knowlege of an inexpensive or free software that would calibrate monitor and printer for those, like me, who have little to spend, and for the lurkers who won't (can't) ask the question, but still can use the information.

It seems my fears are being confirmed and there aren't any cheap and effective programs out there. Oh well. You get what you pay for and you DON'T get what you DON'T/CAN't pay for. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

Thanks again for your assistance. It IS appreciated.

Doug (Former Photographer)

ewfoltz 01-04-2003 11:31 PM

Re: A basic question
Try this site or do a search under monitor calibration.

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