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First post - Please Comment -
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Ok, These are afew very close friends who let me use them for some shots. And we'll be seeing alot more of them. Let me know what you think, Ive only been doing this for just under a year. I know my lighting is crap, But please give your comments.
Re: First post - Please Comment -
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Had the lighting been better....the #3 is the best of the series!!
very nice.

No, your lighting is not crap.
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Your lighting is a ball of fusing hydrogen at a couple million degrees. It's stronger than anything *I* have in my lighting trunk, or even Rolando's fancy-schmancy Hensels. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Your decision on how to *use* it may or may not have been well thought out, but there's *nothing* wrong with your lighting.

My first comment comes from bitter experience. Been there, got a whole box of t-shirts and the souvenir ballcap.

You're trying too hard.

You've got two cute friends who are willing to take sexy pictures, and you are a lucky man for it. But nobody's really thinking about how to *be* sexy, they're just doing exaggerated mating displays. The thing with the tongue? Hard to pull off. (Like I said, been there.) What's with the swords? Why would grunge girls be pulling swords on each other? It makes no sense. You had 'em, so you threw 'em in the picture because swords are sexy, right? (And again, been there.) No, they're not *inherently* sexy. They need context. This is not it.

Compositionally, three of the four pictures are dead-centered, vertically straight but taken horizontally. As much as I *hate* having the Rule of Thirds thrown at me, it does serve a purpose. You have to know how to use it before you learn how to break it. In my humble opinion (and I've got one of the humblest opinions on this board) this isn't how. (The fourth one is probably the best in this regard.) Even just some cropping to move things around and shake things up might be a huge improvement. And one thing you will hear a lot around here is this: If your subject is vertical, your camera should be vertical! Turn it on its side and let the model stand up like Goddess intended! Fill the frame with her so we can see her in all her glory!

The other picture (the girl with her head in the other girl's lap) is compositionally much more interesting, but they're on the wrong side of the frame. That green grass is dead space not relevant to the picture and not necessary to give breathing room. Both models are cut off oddly and you're wasting space on grass. I know what grass looks like, I wanna see pretty girls! And that red background is very nice. Granted, I don't know what was to camera left. Perhaps you did the best you could. But ideally I want those girls in front of that red wall.

I am not a fashion expert and I don't know what makes the young kids pop these days. But as a fan of female beauty and elegance, I have just five words to say:

Get rid of that hat.

So she's got hat hair, if she wanders around with that thing on. Who cares? Messy hair can be dead sexy. Have her tease it with her fingers. Heck, have her friend tease it with her fingers. It can be worked with. But that hat just sucks all the glamour right out of the image as far as this old man is concerned.

For snapshots, they're great. They're in focus, the subject is using a reasonable portion of the frame, the background is nice and nobody has a telephone pole coming out of their heads. (Well, one girl has a fence cross-member on her hat, but it's not that bad. Remind me sometime to show you the picture of the model with the street sign growing out of her breast. It's a laugh riot.) But as glamour shots, they need more oomph. I don't see anything that indicates you *can't* do it. Try again. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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