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Data Recovery UPDATE
Old 02-14-2007, 07:19 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Well...I got lucky...sorta...
I moved the failing hard drive to my laptop...just wanted to see if I'd have any luck with a different computer. Lo and behold the thing stayed on for about 10 minutes and I quickly transferred a group of images. It soon locked up (just as before) so I tried it again...this time fully prepared to transfer the files I needed. Unbelievable, the thing stayed running the entire time I needed to transfer the images...UNTIL, I ran out of disc space.... to Best Buy I go...I buy a 500 gig Western Digital external Hard Drive...The geek at BB says they are the I bee bop back to mi the instructions and hard can THAT be right...I mean its a freekin USB external drive...boot the PC...turn on the drive and let it spin...then plug it in to a open USB port (thats what the directions said)...So thats what I do...and I get....NUTHING>>>NADA>>>ZERO....Surely my luck cannot be that bad...there is NO way that I can pick THE ONE bad drive from a group of 50 on the shelf.
I moved it to my my my wifes my sons pc...wrong again....
So, the question is...Is there anything special about a Western Digital Ext HD that I am missing?? I mean its plug n play right?? I went to their website for tech support and I noticed it said that Windows MAY NOT have the drivers installed so I was wondering if that is the I will contact them via phone today cuz there website is kinda least for my feeble mind...
This SHLEPROCK crap usually happens to Don Clark...why me lord?? LOL...
Anyways...just thought I'd share my appears I may recover my images if I can find a drive to move them...If anyone has any ideas or tips to read this new drive, I'm all ears...until then, I'll have to wait and contact tech support via phone when they open later today...
Bobby "if I was a drinkin man, I'd pull a four day drunk" G

PS: After reading a post on How do you backup, I wanted to comment on something Roger (RFS) recommended. He suggested to NOT use the external as the primary for post processing...that may cause problems...well thats what I have been doing. My internal drive is only 80 gig anf the ex is 160. I have been using the ex as MY MAIN DRIVE and it runs probly 24 hours a THATS probly what messed it up...bad call on my part. I WILL use my internal as my main from this day forward and once I get the drives in place ONLY use the externals as storage. And yes I do BACK UP ALL IMAGES TO DVD...I like many I'm sure who shoot a lot get behind and didnt back up as I should ...THAT WILL CHANGE...LOL
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Re: Data Recovery UPDATE
Old 02-14-2007, 08:20 AM   #2 (permalink)
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BobbyG -

I assume it was a new drive from Western Digital, and not a "refurbished" model. Was there an installation disk included with the drive, and if so, did you wait for directions to connect the drive when you ran the disk? That's the typical procedure when installing any new hardware. The software (device driver) to properly configure the new hardware to your computer environment and vice versa is on the disk, and without it nothing is going to happen. You might check the Western Digital website again for driver downloads. I Googled "Western Digital drivers" and came up with a substantial list. Here's their main support page: listing all available drivers. I don't know what model drive you have but you should be able to download the appropriate driver from there. If you still have trouble they have a Knowledge Base section on the page which should help, also.

Your luck with failing hard drives is better than mine. When my Dell laptop went bad there was just a loud "CLACK" and it was all over. I'm putting everything on CD now, and looking for a virtual internet backup service. If your house or business burns down, all the on-site backing up in the world won't save you!

Paranoid in Paradise,
Michael Smith
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Re: Data Recovery UPDATE
Old 02-14-2007, 01:06 PM   #3 (permalink)
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It's not that unusual for a brandnew external drive to be DOA. I mentioned in my other post about just buying a 500gb external for $150. Well the first one was DOA, just as you describe (I did get it to work, but it is an involved process requiring reformatting the drive - I determed that the drive was not formatted at all, but it was supposed to be and to come with software in one partition). I just trotted back down to the store, exchanged it, and a hour later it was working perfectly.

On Windows XP, there is no install disk, so all you usually do is plug it in and you will see up to 4 little balloon messages that will appear above the task bar. This takes up to 2 minutes. Once you've seen them all, the drive will appear. However, if after about 2 minutes you hover your mouse pointer over the little green arrow icon:

You'll then see the little flyout (as shown). However, if it shows no drive letters, then there has been a problem (I suspect you saw something like this with your DOA example).


"The map is not the Territory"
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Re: Data Recovery UPDATE
Old 02-14-2007, 07:25 PM   #4 (permalink)
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How long do you have your external hard drive. and if u lived running all 24/7 if you do. if u do trun off the hard drive at soon you finish at the end of the day. extenal HD last 2 to 4 year that is a fact all my I build my PC and all always i use external HD I have it for 4 years now and its time to be replace. but that was a smart trobleshooting. I recomend the make double back up in the external HD and a CD just to make sure.
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Re: Data Recovery UPDATE
Old 02-15-2007, 12:50 AM   #5 (permalink)
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FYI - I use a online backup service for my business and marketing computer files. The service I use is The cost is $2/gig each month. I have 5 computers backing up to it each night. It allows you to have 1 account but many computers backing up to it. It also backs up everyones email accounts and studio calendar nightly. If a tornado or fire leveled my studio I would be able to restore backed up data immediately. Gives me great peace of mind.

As far as sessions, I backup each sessions original files on CD or DVD depending on size and put in client folder. I backup each weeks sessions on DVD's and carry home.

I also encrypt glamour and boudoir files with FolderLocker software for added protection just in case someone broke into my studio or car and stole laptop and harddrive. I would hate to see my clients naked body on the internet when it is so simple to protect the images.

Hope this helps
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Re: Data Recovery UPDATE
Old 02-15-2007, 01:06 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Bobby, you should have got a installation disk with your drive. Also like Doc said, make sure itís formatted. I would check westerns website to see if they have any information that may help you with installing the drivers.
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