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Man how time flies...
Old 02-11-2007, 01:01 PM   #1 (permalink)
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I got back into photography in November 2004. I had shot quite a bit as a teen and in my early twenties, but I never really grasped the whole composition and lighting scheme. In 2004, while I was looking for one of my employees on the internet who recently made the Playboy Cyber girls edition, I ran across Garage Glamour (now Glamour1). I lurked on G1 for about 2 weeks and was amazed at all the incredible photography. That really got me excited so I finally made a post asking what type of gear I should buy. Of course the Canon, Nikon and Fuji guys all pushed their brands, but I ultimately chose Canon. I went out and bought $3000 worth of equipment and the journey began...
I had ZERO clue at what I was doing and the only models I had were my wife and my son who at the time was 8 years old. It was fun at first for them, but they would soon run when they saw me setting up the equipment...especially the boy...
I finally got the courage to post an image for critique...what was amazing (as bad as the photos were) is that I didn't get beat up...I only received tips, advice and words of encouragement. I posted more and more (all of my wife and son) and tried to get better. I went to workshops, talked with guys like Jimmy D, JT Smith, dK, Rolando Gomez, Glenn Usdin and many others via phone or email. I went to workshops, joined other forums and finally began working with models...
Why does he bring this up you might ask?? I bring it up because, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY...and looking back over the last 2 1/2 years, I can see how I have improved, yet my PASSION is the same as the day I bought that Canon Rebel and I STILL get excited when I have a photo shoot...
The boards have all changed and they will continue to do so...some will make it and some will not...but the PEOPLE just move around. Vets will fade away due to one reason or another and the newbies will soon begin making a name for themselves...but the fact remains...we ALL can learn from one another and continue to improve...and boards like this and the PEOPLE that make up the forums have been very instrumental in where my photography level is today...
Below are some of the FIRST images I ever shot...I haven't looked at these folders ina LONG time...I noticed on one of the images profile (the first one posted) the image number is 006...that is the 6th image I took with the then new digital equipment. This post may be more relevant to those of us that are newer to the photography world but I'd like to see some of your FIRST images and hear any testimonials you may have...
My wife is going to kick my butt by the way for posting these...LOL... :'(

The 6th shot I took and the FIRST one I ever posted....yikes...

After getting beat up for the images being too BLUE, I learned about White Balance...what a could actually control the temp of the images...EUREKA. So in another session with my lovely wife, I played with the White Balance and yep...the images still sucked...

And then when the wife gets tired of being the guinea have to find something else to shoot...

So there they are...the first images I ever posted...
I don't claim to be some great photographer, but I DO know that I have improved and I owe MUCH of that too many folks that will be reading this post and for that...Thank You...
So what say ye...anyone care to play along??
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Re: Man how time flies...
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I think you already had a good handle on basic composition from the beginning so that has made your road easier. Everybody has trouble with the color balance in the beginning because its not really something we thought much about in the film age. But the key is, that we can all learn, and that is what makes photography exciting because it keeps changing and we usually get better.

"The map is not the Territory"
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Re: Man how time flies...
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Here, here! The former GG rocked! I must admit that I liked it better in the "old days" but that's a matter of format, not personalities to be found here. For the record, your wife is lovely! You are blessed with a beautiful model. I wish I could say the same.

The knowledge base here is incredible and there are literally hundreds of years of experience to be found here and much can be gleaned by scouring over old posts. I still find myself coming to G1 almost immediately when I log on. I've just been incognito for quite some time.

So, that being said, I lift my glass to you all and to many more years of learning and friendships here on G1! Happy shooting to all and may you have fair winds and following seas!!

Good day!
Mike Larsen
Mike Larsen Studios

Light a candle rather than curse the darkness!

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Re: Man how time flies...
Old 02-12-2007, 12:29 AM   #4 (permalink)
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I'll play along, this is the first picture I took that I was really proud of.

And my most recent

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Re: Man how time flies...
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My first official model

My second

A little later

And a few years later

My late step father was a professional photographer so I picked up a lot from him, had a lot of help from this site, and some good input from some photogenic and experienced models.
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