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Virgin Islands 4.0
Old 11-20-2006, 03:28 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Well I know it's only been a week or so and I haven't seen one images from the last Virgin Islands trip! come on guys post those images!
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Re: Virgin Islands 4.0
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Playboy Playmate

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For real!!! I know there were some AWESOME images... I saw a bunch myself ( **wink**wink** Robert, Alan, Ralph..etc...). I had to say that out of the two VI trips so far that this one was my favorite. We had a great group of photogs who were so much fun to work with and were considerate enough to make it as comfy on the models as possible and the models.....I was 100% happy with the models!!!!!! Malloy,Steph, Nickelle, & Joe. You guys were great!!! Nickelle being the fresh meat was nothing less than awesome and I enjoyed her company...yes Nickelle we all voted to keep you on the Island! haha It was nice being there this time without "drama models" .lol Anyways just a thanks to everyone for a great time and looking forward to seeing those images!
Holley A. Dorrough
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Thanks to everyone...
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To all the models, many thanks for your hard work, especially the Veteran models that take the heat, bugs, early wake-up calls, long-hours and even my sometimes barking demands--there is a reason I choose the best models for these workshops as well as when I agree to take on a new model on these trips. "Doc Jo," you're especially thanked for being our "family doctor" too! And while all models are equally treated, thanks to Playboy Playmate Holley Dorrough for taking time from your busy schedule, not to mention back in April of this year while your Playboy issue was on the store shelves you took a week to spend with us, many thanks! Vicki, you've done many including Maui and you're always a big hit--especially when you drive around the island naked in a golf cart--see you in Chicago. Malloy, ummm, what can I say? You were nekkid on that golf cart too! You're just Malloy (grin) and have really come to be a crowd favorite, thanks again for your hard work, see you in Chicago too! Nichelle, glad to have you first-timer. I guess the girls broke you in when you, Malloy and Vicki were three nekkid girls on a golf cart--I know the folks on the island thought it was cute (grin). Thank goodness it was during break time. The "girls" voted you on the island, guess we'll see what the future holds, thanks again.

You all are a team any photogarpher would be pround to have on their side. While some argue you do it for the money, I know many of you do it for the passion and the money is the icing on the cake. Sure, all my models earn money at my workshops and while other workshop hosts compensate with promised prints, we ensure you get something more than promises that are often broken. All models, not just spokesmodels, deserve pay for their talents just like photographers who get paid for commercial jobs. My hat's off to all the models over the years that have experienced my conducive-environment workshops.

I can proudly say some of our models have been published because of these exotic workshops, in addition to photographers who attended getting published work. So far we've had images published in a British AP magazine, Rangefinder (actual cover, Sept. 2006), Studio Photography and even in three books. More publishing opportunities coming including television! No other workshops can claim this or even come close! You all deserve these types of opportunities for all your hard work!

To the attendees--You've all been great over the years. What made this workshop so different, well I think we made history as we had two married-couple photographers--now that was amazing and I especially congratulate you both for acting as "individuals" when it came to working with the models while at the same time being a "couple" when we relaxed in the evenings. You all made a great team.

We had two newbies, Mark and David, and you both did very well. While not new to photography, the "island experience" with our group was new and you both seemed to enjoy it--thanks for being a part of the island family. Mark has spent three days of private instruction with me before and this was totally different than PI, it was VI! You were favorably talked about even by the cabbies, they loved you--you did the right thing, you stayed extra days and made your tip even more worthwhile. David, this was new to you, but you were equally liked by everyone. Thanks again and I hope to see you again. Mark, I'll see you in San Antonio in January.

it was great to see Ralph, Doc Robert, and Alan B., as returning veterans. In fact, Ralph Haseltine has been to Cozumel and the Virgin Islands now twice and Alan B. even attended Maui and the first VI workshop (and brings extra bags for me) and Doc Robert went to the VI twice this year and even private instruction in San Antonio last year--what's up doc? . You three were not only as dedicated as the others, but you helped along the way like assistants and more important, like friends and family. Your repeat trips are testiments of knowing what images you're after and ensuring you get them. All in all, the entire group of attendees were fabulous. We missed you Paul! Paul was supposed to make this his second VI workshop but due to work had to pass up and will be at our April workshop soon! I tip my hat to all of you, even Paul who we had in spirit with us there! As Sally and Holley have said, post your images!

ABC Television New York--thanks for showing up at the last minute. Ed, it all started with you, you heard me speak in New York at Photo Plus Expo, then approached me about my "Photographic Therapy" concept I had discussed. You showed interest, committment and most important you saw a vision I've been carrying for years in my head. You believed so much that on short notice you were on the ground with us at the Virgin Islands. More important, you helped out when filming was not a priority, not many DOP's (Director of Photography) would do that and instead allow the grips to do their job. First time I saw a "grip DOP." Thanks again and I look forward to the final product(s).

Alex & the Gang--thanks again to you and your family as well as everyone on the islands that always pitch in and help. Kevin, Warren, Andy, our drivers, Steve & Co. for the ferry boat rides and boats, and Heidi for food. Many thanks to Alex, without you none of this would have happened--your first contact almost two years ago made it happen. I know you're reading as you're my number one lurker! Thanks also to your family (especially wife the "Doc") and to the wonderful artist, Candace L. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. You guys are always great and I enjoyed the new renovations, especially my living room!


You've been to all of my Exotic, International Glamour, Beauty & the Nude Workshops except the first one in Cozumel (I didn't know you then) and I'm happy to say you've always done a wonderful job from the Virgin Islands to Maui and hopefully you'll indulge again when we go to France in 2007 (booking now for those that want to go!).

While everyone notices your make-up, not many realize you're the first to rise way before the roosters crow making sure each model gets up on time, not to mention you ensure they go to bed too! There are too many workshops where mentors party with the models late at night or shoot into the wee hours of the morning--you won't let that happen. The girls always call you the "Mama Hen," I call you fabulous. I sincerely believe you are under-paid at times but that will be rewarded in the near future in various ways as we move forward.

You also don't hestitate to hold "scrims on a stick" or help with reflectors. Heck, you even help with the cooking and the dishes too, not to mention you're our chauffeur for golf carts and guide for the models when they shop in St. Thomas or Maui. I guess in France we'll have to get you to hold the horses while nude models climb up on top to recreate the "Lady Godiva" look--bare back--don't worry, I'll bring some Godiva chocolates! Besides, we're sure to get images for publication again, as this is the first France! Viva La France!

Even at the last Virgin Islands workshop were ABC Television New York showed up, you didn't change one bit because "ABC Ed" video-taped you, you were the same Sally on camera as you are off camera. It also showed in the way the attendees tipped you for your outstanding efforts. My hat's off to them too for their genorosity and I hope that continues with the upcoming workshops.

I close by saying I have several MUA's that I love too, so don't let it go to your head. But obviously working the longer exotic workshops makes your work even more valuable though I love all my MUA's and I expect, and get hard work from them all. You fight the long hours, the bugs at times, even my grumpy days, but you do it with smiles even when you're ready to kill me all in all as with all my MUA's, we are a team and it's great to know our team exists with pride and loyalty to each other.

I wish you and everyone the best this Holiday Season and we'll see you next weekend in Chicago, thanks again, rg sends!
(MUA by Sally K, quick-grab image during the first VI Exotic Workshop)
Photographer & Author author of five photography books. Click here for My Twitter | Workshop Information | and my Photo Blog
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Re: Thanks to everyone...
Old 11-24-2006, 03:42 PM   #4 (permalink)

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So where are the pictures???
Remember, photography is supposed to be fun!
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