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(Extract of) Interview with 'Vivid Girl' Lux Kassidy re: Photographers
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I thought some of you might find interesting (perhaps even a bit enlightening) this extract from an interview with glamour model and Vivid contract girl, Lux Kassidy, wherein she speaks candidly about photographers.

Luke: "How did you start posing nude?"

Lux: "[At 19,] I called up a friend of a friend who was a photographer . We started out doing fashion and artistic nude stuff. And then I stuck to Playboy-style stuff. Everything you see of me on the internet is basically Playboy-style. Then I made an exception and started working with magazines and doing explicit work."

Luke: "With girls?"

Lux: "The spread the legs stuff. Toys. Until recently, I was only doing Playboy-style stuff. No open leg."

Her boyfriend is Kaden of "He's my main photographer. His main work is fashion. He's in a lot of European fashion magazines. He started doing nudes when I first met him."

Luke: "How important is it for you to like the photographer you work for?"

Lux: "There have been a lot of photographers who were jerks. I've never walked off the set. I've thought, 'I want to hurry up and get this over with.' But I've never walked off a set if I'm getting paid for it. I don't think that's right. I'm going to give him the best I can. I'm not going to purposely look like crap so I screw him over."

Luke: "What are important qualities for a photographer?"

Lux: "That they have a good sense of humor. That they're not total sticklers on how you have to look and how you have to move. It's good if they let you do your own thing and they instruct you a little bit."

Luke: "What are the bad qualities that you sometimes encounter in photographers?"

Lux: "A photographer who pokes around and takes forever to do one set. Twelve hours to do it. I've dealt with those photographers before.If you just hurried it up, we could get this done in two hours. Photographers who poke around and talk too much. I've had photographers who basically just hire the girl for an all-day shoot and they sit there and talk to you for half the day because that's what they really want."

Luke: "That's pathetic."

Lux: "That's the biggest thing that annoys me."

Luke: "They deliberately just want to hang out with you?"

Lux: "Yeah. It's retarded."

Luke: "What about photographers who want to put you in painful poses?"

Lux: "Yech. That's ridiculous. I had this one photographer who has you sit there and hold this really uncomfortable pose and then they have to sit there and light-meter everything and then change the lights around for every single pose and stare at it for five minutes and make sure that they like it. And then they start shooting it. Then they have to look at each picture they take while you're holding this uncomfortable pose."

Luke: "Did you sense that they get a kick out of the power and inflicting pain on you?"

Lux: "I don't think it's that. I just think they're not good and they take forever to do everything. They're just not thinking about it because they're not the ones actually doing it. I don't think they get a kick out of it. I think they're just dumb."

Luke: "Are they successful?"

Lux: "There are successful photographers who do this. It just makes you not want to work with them again. They do high-quality work and get you into good magazines but at the same time it's just not worth it if you have sit 13 hours on a shoot and be really uncomfortable and in pain and be really annoyed. It's just not worth it."

Luke: "What percentage of photographers try to screw you?"

Lux: "I've had a few photographers try to hit on me. Sometimes it's just because they mistake my kindliness. I'm really nice to photographers. I have no reason to be a bitch to them. Some people mistake that and think, 'This girl likes me.' I've had about five photographers take that the wrong way and try to hit on me and ask me out to dinner."
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