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This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
Old 10-14-2005, 11:21 AM   #1 (permalink)
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A little Background:

A bunch of photographer friends of mine hold these "shootouts" every now and then... They are to be "trade type shoots".. not necessarly "TFP/TFCD" because each photographer has their own policy regarding what the models get...some give everything, low res, high res, raws..etc.. Some give maybe 2 low res shots only, and charge for making prints,...(one guy who puts up to 12 hours of editing into his pictures charges upwards of 70 bucks per 8x10)..

My policy on this is simply, "TFT"..Time For Time". I have all the models sign a FULL release. I do not and did not sign a "TFP agreement" of any kind whatsoever.

The place where we hold these shootouts is paid for by the photographers, as well as the food, and sometimes, the MUA is paid for by the photographers as well.

I provide a "Proofs CD" to every model who I shoot with that are sized to 450ppi max L, or W.....which have my mark on them...and tell the models that they can select up to a certain amount of pictures, depending on how many pictures, and sets were shot. I make low res. images for them to use for self promotional purposes that are edited, and saved for the web. I do not provide high resolution images because of business policy,....which went into effect after I had experienced several problems with the loss of control of the way and who were using my high res images. If a model wants to have a print, I sell 9x12's for $40.00 each. and 8x10's for $30.00 each.....and this is the way I have done these TFT shoots for some time. I have never told anyone differently.

I'm using my own equipment, I have to lug everything there, and set it all up myself,..(several photographers who attended used my fully set up sets with my permission too)..and my time, I am not charging for my time either.

Under the terms of my full release, I don't necessarly have to/am obligated to "give" anything up, which is to protect myself from "poor picture picking models"......I have had models pick the absolute worst shots,...thinking that they looked cool...and I just don't want those shots repersenting what I do as a professional photographer.

Yes,..I am a professional photographer. I make my living as a photographer. I don't hold any other job, part time or full time.


This model who attended, asked me to shoot with her.

I agreed, and I had her sign the full release, not an exchange agreement, at the end of the shoot, and I took a shot of her with her photo ID.

We worked together for about an hour, and at two different locations.

I sent her the proofs CD, and did edit Sixteen (fairly high) Low Res images for her to use on her various self promotional websites, on October 7th, just a few weeks after the shootout which took up 5225K of space in the attachment. (do the math)..

She sends me an e-mail, asking me to "give her the high resolution files".

I inform her that it is not my business policy to simply hand over high res files to anyone without charging them, and licensing them in an agreement as to how they are to be used. (I don't like open ends)..and tell her what I charge for prints since that's how she wanted to use them for.

I get a phone call from someone who hung up without leaving a message,...but the called ID recalled the number, which I looked up on and found that the person who called has an 0MP I hit the "cached" tab, and found that this person if from FL, and has some pictures...(rather crappy IMO) of this model, and states that he is some sort of "freelance talent scout".............(oh brother)...............I then called him back, and left a message for (_________) (____) for him to rerturn my call.

I then send this model an e-mail that explaines in detail the reasoning why I do not simply give out high res images to models. ....and that she doesn't have to get her "manager" involved to "shake me down" for high res files.......and I won't give out any such high res files to a model like her who is managed by IMO a really bad photographer who dubs as her manager too!

I have had a magazine (MXB) contact Leslie K for high res images, asking her to submit them so they could run those shots of her, without asking who took them, or for permission to use them from me. I have delt with a local "model manager" guy take a high res CD from a model who I shot with, copied the images to his desk top, and removed my name, replaced my name with his name, and printed off pictures of my pictures, claiming that they were his, and showing them to models, including one who ratted his ass out to me.. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] The CD containing high res images was to be used only for her agency's graphic artist to use to make her comp card with, so I provided uncropped tif files to her. She apparently didn't know that this GWC "manager" would use these pictures like that.

Well,....I take a call from this guy two days ago from this "freelance Talent Scout"..and he basically ells me that I am "over charging" for my 9x12's, because in Miami, according to him, all tha magor agencies use some lab that charges only 9 dollars and some cents for each 9x12 print. Well, I'm not a photo lab! I'm a professional photographer! (like seriously one professional photographer whop makes a living by giving away all his pictures for the cost of making them)......(which BTW is more than I pay my professional Lab....if I was charged 9 bucks and change for each 9x12 print, I would be charging more like 60 bucks a print!)

He claims to have connections with all these A-List" agencies, and in my opinion, infered a threat to "black list" me from them if I don't comply by giving up my high res files to this model,..and that he will be shooting her, and having his pictures represent her to all those agencies, not mine......(like sooooooo what?) (I haven't had the phone ring once because of "exposure"....and look,...I'm in Milwaukee, not Miami).. In addition to this, he began a lengthy "name dropping" bombing on me of who he all claims to know in the industry on a first name basis............but I wonder,.......why would A-List agencies be interested in a mid 20's model from several hundred miles away from Chicago,...let alone more than an thousand miles from Miami,...who is lacking a solid book, and a comp card who would compete for work with local talent? This draws several questions in my mind regarding this "Freelance Talent Scout"..

Well,...I don't want to be on bad terms with anyone,..and I suggested that I may be able to work things out with this model (even though I didn't have to) stay on good terms with her, and him. So, I left several voice mails with the model, and contacted her through e-mail, and on her portfolio hosting site, and asked her to call me back so we could talk things over. (I'm a talking sort of guy...I can't stand e-mail, because you don't hear the tone of someone's voice in a static letter)..

Well, this morning, I get this message from this "manager" of her's:



I'll be brief and direct as it's very late. "

"This situation is beyond satisfactory. I spoke to (Model) after our conversation."

"I asked her specifically if any details as to the end product procurement (namely the issue of pictures i.e., high res files, prints, etc) was denoted to her prior to actually agreeing to shoot."

"She informed me that no mention of $40 per 9x12 was made. "

"I've been working with and for (Model) for over a year. I've never in my experience had cause to suspect nor find her communication to me to be lacking in veracity. "

"I have never questioned her awareness and honesty in any situation. "

"As such, when she tells me nothing of this nature was mentioned to her, I believe her."

"This then makes clear a faulty professionalism on the nature of the exchange of the photoshoot. "

"Here we arrive at the simple item: if she cannot receive high res scans of a few of the pictures, we find it of no use to continue discussing this."

"We simply won't use the images when showcasing her to agencies. "

"And along these lines, I find it necessary to suggest prudent judgement be used in any use of her images."

"We won't debate further the issue of paying for copies of the pictures so she can use in her book. If you're not agreeable to that, fine. In that light though, she then becomes someone who did a photoshoot and got absolutely NOTHING in exchange."

"And this is not as it should be. Working on further images and/or continuing to debate the issue is also not worth our time."

"You make mention of your concern and fear of your work and name being exploited by others beyond your control. "

"This is exactly now our concern --- and where it is (Model)'s concern it is also my concern. And I will keep it my concern in the way my ethics dictates me to protect my client."

"If there be any future intention to use her images in any medium, (Model) shall have access and the power to negate use of her images --"

"I've spent more time than should be on this issue. "

"You itemized YOUR experience with an individual years ago who took undue advantage and that this now stands as the reason you prevent others from getting copies of their own images on a disc."

"Well, now THIS experience has evolved to dictate an agreement between (Model) and myself that no further photoshoot will be established without my direct and active establishing of agreed upon conditions. "

"There are no further photoshoots for Deanna without me approving and imposing the specific parameters ---- Deanna has the last word, but I have the first. This won't happen to her again. "

(Freelance Talent Scout/ Manager / GWC).

........................If this wasn't crappy enough,.....I get another message,....rather than a phone call, this time from the (Model):

"John paul I dont mean to cause any harm and dont have the intention of trying to cause harm but i do feel i have a right to prints for my own promtional use. My manger is a good man and he is just looking out for me and my best interests. I am a good person. and if we cant come to the agreement of you letting me have axcess to hight res files to make promtional prints then i will say i feel bad that because of one bad experience you cant trust anyone anymore. Then i guess we would have nothing more to say and i will not use the iamges anymore. Your call."

Thank you,

Why should I feel secure regarding the release of my high res images to this GWC / manager?

I've seen it happen before. I've been ripped off before.

Also, why should I be dictated as to how much I should charge for my work.

I believe the real issue here is that this model doesn't want to pay for these pictures, which will be used to market herself with, that she can write off from her taxes anyway....unless she isn't aware of that......which I highkly doubt,...which makes me wonder just how good of a job this "Manager" is doing with her,...especially since the guy claims to also be a photographer, yet doesn't stand up for the value of our works!

Any thoughts?


John, John....
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...everybody asked me why I don't particpate in "net" or "group" events.

Ergo, your story.

I and another photographer co-hosted one a couple of these and it became sooo much of a hassle I vowed never again - and I haven't. I don't thinkg 1/2 of the models ever got their proofs, much less prints. Then, like we were the police and could do something. Other than ban them from future events, no, we can't. We don't have enforcers to go break their knees (though, the thought did occur, I hear the philiagers need employement...).

But, simply John, you need to put - in writing - and have the model sigh EXACTLY what she gets for the shoot and the prices of anything she doesn't.

I would be hard for even the dumbest GWC to argue about that.

But, then you're dealing with a GWC.

I've yet to see an internet-based "photographer-manager" who didn't ruin a model's career, or for that matter, all 'his' models' careers.

You know 99% are more about their own little head than they are about the model's career.

Any model who would have one needs to take a serious look at what they are doing in the world of modeling.

Anyway, GET IT IN WRITING and learn a lesson.


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Re: This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
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I had a similar situation doing a "free" shoot for a model with a local talent agency. I ended up giving them a couple of prints (no CD) with my logo on them and also stamped on the back of the print. I know this won't protect me fully but I also kept the originals on a disk with the exif data to prove I shot them and when. I was lucky and the agency used the images without any retouching on their part so it basically cost me a few bucks to be rid of the problem.

Since then I now send out a note to the model with all the terms and conditions, the way the shoot will work, a copy of the agreement, and I ask them to review the materials and respond with their agreement --- all prior to the shoot.

I don't know what to tell you in your situation and wish I could offer some great advice. But the fact is I would be asking the same questions of the forum as you. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] Sometimes these "free" shoots are way too costly...
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If I read this right, she, whether herself or though her manager, is telling you that all the time you put into the shoot (which is more than she put in) and money (at least two orders of magnitude more than she's put into modeling I'm sure) is worth nothing, $0, to her.

While I do think models should recieve something useable out of every trade shoot, I don't think that necessarily includes access to all hi-res images.

I guess if I were in your shoes, I'd explain how what she's saying sounds to you (the $0 thing). In an effort to make ammends offer her a "special" on prints (buy one get the second half off?) and tell her that there's no way your hi-res images are going anywhere near her cretin, I mean manager (who will certianly kill any career she could hope to have). Finally if she thinks this is a bad experience, the lesson learned should be to read what she signs.

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Re: This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
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i would tell model and manager to drop dead, but thats just me.
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Re: This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
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the first mistake the so-called manager made was that he should have spoken to you before the shoot and made whatever kind of deal or arrangement would be appropriate. my guess is his role as "manager" suddenly surfaced AFTER your shoot when things didn't go the way she wanted them to go.

all this after-the-fact stuff is the problem. i manage a few girls (don't hate me, okay?) and they don't do "trade" shoots unless i speak to the photographer first and we come to an agreement over things like content limitations and other stuff which ALWAYS precludes her signing a full, general release unless money is happening. as far as i'm concerned, if its a "trade" shoot then the images can only be used for promotional purposes. (by either party.)

i'm okay with spec "test" shoots unless i find out the "test" turned into hundreds images. in a case like that, i know damn well the "test" ain't a true "test" and the photographer was shooting content that he hopes to sell... especially when you're dealing with glamour shoots. that's another reason a full release ain't gonna happen if i'm involved.

i don't always deal for a CD of all the images, altho that's always nice, of course.

of course, when money changes hands, all that changes.
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Re: This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
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hey dude. welcome to the asylum. nice stuff in your port. would love to see more.

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Ah, Jimmy................
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.........Robin is a "dudette"! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]


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Re: This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
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Doesn't Florida require an "agent" to be licensed?
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Re: This is why I can\'t stand \"Model Managers\" who dub as \"Photographers\"
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You dont mean that we are actually here to make money! They never told me that part in class!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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