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Hope you like it...
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As a start, to help things function better out here, I wanted to let you know that we've made your "profile" page important. To get an idea, look at mine and you will see the latest 15 images are displayed there. All a person has to do is click on any image to start them on the way to all of your images. That page also has a "portfolio" link. (You do not have to be logged in to see this page!)

I highly recommend you do a cache dump (go to Google or Yahoo first), then return here, perhaps even do a hard refresh or refresh as we've changed some colors and even some images, but you won't see a change unless you refresh as the file names stayed the same on some.

To update you on what is being worked on as we speak, the search option will eventually have zip code proximity. We will soon have travel notifications too, that you can subscribe to for your area with x-miles.

First, our search function is being update--it is very, very important that you login, go to "My Home" then click & fill in the appropriate fields under "Edit Profile" and "Edit Options" or you will not come up on the search functions. I cannot stress that. Plus, somethings you edit will come up on that profile page. To access your profile page, just click, "My Profile." When you click that link, like mine is you will notice a number after the "u=" that number, in my case (1) is my G1 number for searching by the member's number which works right now.

Eventually we'll have a block showing your number on the profile page. Most of these numbers should be your old GG numbers--don't hold me to it (grin). Regardless, that number is here to stay of all the changes we'll be making.
On the portfolios--we're in the process of having a "checkbox" so when you upload an image, you'll be able to "check off" if the image is nude or non-nude. When this happens, the idea is to consolidate all images into one master portfolio where you can have your own category albums/ports as you choose. The idea is no more nude or non-nude categories.

This will help solve portfolio issues, narrowing it down to one. When this happens, any user, logged in or not, will be able to go to your portfolio and view it, they will not be able to view nude images though, they will get a genric thumb/image stating must be logged in to view that image--all other images will display as they do now. Again, we are in the midst of making the portfolio experience better.

On the front page, we did away with the double navigation bar, making it easier, things will get better for the front. Soon we'll have a "login" box on the front page, for now, login on the forum--however, if you login, then go to the home page you will see a "welcome" box with the appropriate links for your fields of play here.

On the forum home, we did away with the random classifieds images, but made a forum entry that links directly, having text vs images will load the forum home page faster. Keep in mind, you can click the three dots to close a category or open it, even the random images up top.

To post images on the forum, make sure you go to "my home" then "Edit Options" and select the WYSIWG mode, that way in the posting box, even the PM posting box, you will see a link called, "My Pics" with a "Open" link. This will open a box of thumbs of your images, click on the image, but make sure and have some text in the reply/post box first. That option will soon be added to the "Quick Reply" posting boxes so you don't have to "Go Advanced" to use this function.

If you go to most images in the portfolios, they have been back-filled with zip codes and States, only if you had filled them out in your profiles under "My Home." If they do not, then you will have to go and edit each photo and add this in, as you can search two ways on this site,

(1) via the image search pages:
(2) via the main search page:
The search results on #2 (the latter) will soon show the individuals avatar and "available for" fields.

The top menus of the entire site now are more clean/trimmed and the logo on the top of the site, "Glamour 1ô" logo, is now linked to home.

We are looking into why the post preview doesn't hold the paragraph breaks, bear with us, it's on the list.

There is more coming, I will keep you posted, please keep in mind I will also be traveling to the Virgin Islands for my workshop up there April 24-May 1st, but I will be online as often as I can as we have DSL there.

For those wanting more models--please do your part and recruit them here, have them put your userid (the exact user id you see in your profile page) as the referrer, this is an option when signing up) at some point we'll award some nice gift, perhaps $$$ to the one person with the most referrals. More important, get your model friends in here, we're giving away $1750 in prize money! We need your help! Yes the photographer contest will start soon and we're working on some great, great prizes!

Thanks for your patience, continued loyality, and most important, your sense of community. We're growing better together and we're improving as we go.

Thanks, rg sends!
Photographer & Author author of five photography books. Click here for My Twitter | Workshop Information | and my Photo Blog
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Re: Hope you like it...
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I love the development of the profile page. I can see this being the first place we will direct potential models and clients to view. I also like the concept of a tick box to identify images for restricted viewing. This will greatly simplify the portfolio system.

We are beginning to see the site being tailored to meet the needs and suggestions of the users and it is getting better and better. Good progress, well done.

I have resisted adding suggestions, preferring to wait to see how things developed anyway. However, having seen the new profile page, and believing it will become the shop window for members, then if it is possible, it would be an advantage to be able to select from your portfolio which pictures should appear on your profile page. I know you have enough to do already, but maybe one to keep in mind as a future development.

Thanks for all your hard work.
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