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Zipcode questions ...
Old 03-31-2006, 01:56 PM   #1 (permalink)
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I notice on each photo we post, there is a question about zipcode? What is the intent of this information. Since we are posting the photo, it is our work and, of course, would have our zipcode, which is in our profile. Or are we supposed to put the zipcode of the model? It seems that the primary purpose of the zipcode is to find a photographer or model that are within a given range from whoever is searching (and that would use the zipcode in the profile). So it doesnt seem that adding the zipcode to each photo is really relevant. I've also noticed some odd behaviour from the current zip code field if you fill it in. Here is an example. I go to one of my photos and I see:

To which I immediately think, "oh they want to know how far I am from the photo"??? No it can't mean that, because the photo is only inches in front of my face since its on the screen. Obviously, this question asks for my zipcode, but the system already knows my zipcode, so what is wanted here and why?

So I type in my zipcode and click the submit button. Here is the resulting screen:

Interesting, since I just entered and submitted a Zipcode.

I find however, that if you go into the edit mode, and fill in the zipcode there, then you get a different result.

In any event, I wonder if all this is really needed, and if so, what its rationale is. Or to put it another way, what am I missing?


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Re: Zipcode questions ...
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This is where you put your zip code, we will be running a script to back fill the zip codes, for now, you have to edit, again, I made a post on this--this is not the search feature we're getting ready to launch, this serves more a purpose if someone clicks on your thumbnail outside your portfolio, say a featured photo on top of the forum, and someone wants to know how close the owner of the image is, say they are hunting for a photographer in Dallas, it would provide such data, so if they are more interested, they click on your profile--this info is voluntary--again, this is not the zip search and other search features we'll be implementing shortly.

Please don't pick everything apart, give it a chance, if you feel it benefits you, use it, if not, don't use it. Nothing here is to undermine the photographer or model, everything is meant for the better. Second guessing creates more confusion than positive--being proactive is always best.

If I was a model, said, hey, I like that photo, how far is that photographer that shot that, I could take a quick zip search. There is also a state code feature, you have to use the two-letter state abbreviation for it to work. Again, everything is being tweaked, don't be supprised if the verbage changes to "the person that took this image is X miles form you" or something like that--we mean no mal-intent, we hope you can find a way to use that added feature to your benefit--if you feel it's positive, it will work for you, if you don't, well, I disagree. Guerilla marketing includes receiving all the exposure you can.

Thanks, I'm in Chicago till Monday, so I'm on/off the net but the FULL search feature is coming--please be patient, thanks, rg sends!
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