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  1. New make-up
  2. Working on some product photography
  3. Loyalty Ink Project
  4. Full Color Premium Quality Printing - Glamour1 Discount
  5. Bombay, SB800 and a fog machine
  6. "17teen looking for work"
  7. Mature model available for shoots YORK UK
  8. "model seeking TFP"
  9. First trial "on shoes"
  10. My first location shoot
  11. Studio Available for Rent Near Monterey, CA
  12. She & Hei
  13. Professional Retoucher Available
  14. Going rate....
  15. Liquor Ad (not glam!)
  16. First halfways decent shot for school
  17. Lean mean and green!!!!
  18. Buy Gold!
  19. www.nigelpenn-photography.co.uk/wedding-photographer-bournemounth.php
  20. New forums to showcase your work!

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