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Your very soul is in danger
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Turn back now, man.
Turn away from the lights.
You are about to embark on a hellish journey of addiction.
Ya think cocaine is an expensive addiction?
Not eeeeven!
Beanie Babies?
Now comes the real expense. You've got the lights and the Hassy. Now you want another back. Then it will be softboxes and umbrellas, snoots and grids. Light stands won't be good enough. You'll need the aircushioned ones. Why buy a 40-inch umbrella when you can get an 8-foot Octabank?
Pretty soon you'll be like the rest of use, telling the models, "just one more roll? One more, Okay? It won't be anything weird ...or, uh, very weird, that is... Do you like chocolate ... and ferrets?"
You'll know the addiction has truly set in because you're doing baby pictures and passport photos to pay for your habit. The equipment will get bigger and bigger. I used to have a studio that was 10 feet wide. I bought a boom with a 9-foot arm.
It won't be long before you plug in your new Whizz-bang power pack and watch the neighbors' lights dim. When you fire it, the chocolate will melt and the ferret will 20 percent of his fur and the sight in his left eye.
You'll have a computer the size of a Buick. There will be enough RAM in it to cure cancer ( or cause it) but it still won't run Photoshop fast enough ....
It's probably too late for you now.
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