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Re: ...It\'s dead....Is there any help?
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My parked car flooded once in Tokyo during a bad storm. The water came in through the doors and I had my camera bag sitting on the floor. When I returned to my car after the storm, I discovered a very, very soggy camera. I actually poured water out of it through the lens bayonet. From the high water marks, I figured that here was about 4 or more inches of water that my camera had sat in overnight.

My beloved Contax G2 and 21 mm were salvageable and work great, thanks to Yodobashi Camera outside Tokyo in Machida. However, due to the language barrier, I’m not sure if they had to send it in to Contax for repair or if they repaired it on site. It wasn't cheap to get the body and lens repaired, but still cheaper than buying new or used, especially the 21mm Zeiss.

You didn't state whether your camera was digital or film. The G2 is 35mm film rangefinder so although it has plenty of electronics and motors for metering and auto focus in a G2, it electronics are primitive compared to any digital SLR. Either way, you need to get the battery out of the camera ASAP, and let it dry out. Then bring it to a professional repair shop for a diagnosis and estimate.

So, there may be hope, especially if your camera didn't get as drenched as mine.

Good luck and hope your situation works out,

BTW - If anyone was worrying about the car... I didn't really care much about the car. My Contax camera kit was probably worth more than the car. Although that musty odor never went away, my Nissan Bluebird ran fine for another year. When it finally gave out, it had over 100,000 km and I don't think it had anything to do with the flood. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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