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Re: Can someone help with light setup
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Well, here's my guess, for what it's worth...

The softer transition of the shadow from her nose and on her sternum from her left breast makes me believe it's a wider and indirect light source.. softbox.. maybe even a windowlight. The catchlights in her eyes reinforce that suggestion... they're pretty much rectangular in shape, though the pixelization doesn't let you see too much detail when you zoom in.

Then, the shadow of the strand of hair on the left eyebrow and the shadow from her blouse onto her sternum suggests that it wasn't 90 degrees off to her left, but probably something a bit less... 60-70 degrees, maybe? Anything more would probably throw more shadow onto her right eye.

Andy nailed it on the background, I think... a dark background to begin with and she's not right up next to it, either.

Wish you remembered where you found it... would like to see some more of this photog's work. BTW - nice images on YOUR web site, as well!

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