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Hello and welcome!

A few thoughts.

1. Opening page requires scrolling left to right - that's a big huge website no-no.

2. The cursor following thingy is (maybe) cute but will be seen by many as annoying and unprofessional - I'd suggest losing it. I had one of those myself years ago, till this was pointed out as seeming "teenagerish".

3. Many of your portfolio pics are clearly very photoshopped using various "watercolor" type filters - this makes it difficult to accurately assess both what you really look like and also the skill of the photogs you've worked with. Also gives an "un-pro" feel to the site. Photogs want to see the texture of your skin, flaws, etc.

4. Many of your images have the width/height perspective "squashed". Why?

5. On this page: , in my opinion the text needs to be broken up into smaller chunks/paragraphs.

Just one persons feedback.