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Definitons are nice, but one must remember that "the map is not the territory". Words are used to communicate and if people understand what you are saying, then the words are working. I believe most people will see the image and realize that I was using the word in the "sense" of meaning a limited range of tonal qualities.
As far as cliches, go, I don't believe there are any in photography. Certainly there are many patterns that you see over and over again and they tend to become boring from overuse, but when not used for awhile, they re-emerge as the new art form of the day. I haven't seen the finger in mouth pattern for quite some time, and so I have brought it back. Here is another photo for you to consider.

Certainly you will find it would be called a cliche, but one could just as well call it a nostalgic photo. And as the gen x people get older, they start looking back fondly at these old "cliche" images.
Thanks for you comments.
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