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Re: Image Size Reduction?
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Put all the files you want resized in one folder.

Make a new folder and give it a name like "small size".

Open photoshop.

Go to File-Automate-create web photo gallery.

A menu will come up asking you for the location directory (the folder where the big images are) and a destination directory (where you want them to go. ie "small size".

You can pick the size you want, up to 800 pixels on the large side and the amount of compression you want.

Leave the parameters for "simple" and "htm" extensions as is.

Once you get all your parameters set, click O.K.

Photoshop will go to work.

When it has finished, it will try to launch your web browser (even if you don't have the net on) You can then view all the small size photos as if they are a web photo gallery. ( I run AOL, and in some cases, it tries to launch the file while PHOTOSHOP is open and I get an error message, but if I turn photoshop off, it works fine thereafter)

But you say you just want the small images....right? You don't want a web photo gallery.

Just go to the "destination" folder that you set up and open it in Windows Explorer. You are going to see a couple of folders and a number of HTML files. Delete all of those files and folders except the one that says "images".

If you open the file that says "images", you are going to see all of your original images "resized" to the parameters you set. You will also find three extra images in that folder, an up arrow, a down arrow and a next arrow. Delete those three files.

You can resize over 1000 images with about three mouse clicks by doing this and it takes less time than it took me to type this.


On a similiar note, a lot of people ask about "viewing software" to include on a C.D. when images are sent to a model. If you simply create a "web photo gallerY" and save all the files that Photoshope creates to the C.D., they can just use their web browser (IE6, aol, WHATEVER) to view the photos, without having to open and close each of the individual files.

I don't remember offhand, but one of the HTML files that Photoshop creates, you just click on it, to launch the photogallery....once you find that file (Index.html I think) you can rename it to "click here" or "viewphotos" or something easy for the model to find and click on.

IF the model has a minimum of computer skills, she at a minimum should be able to put the cd in the tray, open the directory and click on that one file to launch the thing.

Since HTML is compatible with just about every computer made and marketed in the past 5 years that came with a browser, you should have no compatibility problems.
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