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Re: The saga what about printer resolution?
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When the owner did one of the printouts he was most displeased by the pixelation. So I had him open one of the shots we did this afternoon. He opened the jpeg (High/Fine) in Photoshop and then went to image size. What he saw was the pixel count of 18M, but the document size was something about 11x17 and the dpi was 180. He was surprised (actually he was upset) that the dpi would be so low as he figured with 6megapix he should have better document size and higher dpi. The way he put it..."This Rebel is not any better than my PowerShot".

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First off, I've printed from a D30 at 125dpi with no pixelation up to 11x17 so his printer is suspect of being unable to print a high quality image.

Second, that same file that will print at 11.378x17.067 at 180dpi will also print at 8x12 at 256dpi, again plenty for a quality print. I'm assuming the printer guy doesn't know how to convert the document size in Photoshop.

So how do I explain to him the ability of getting big prints at (say) 300dpi?

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There are several resampling softwares that interpolate the image up to the print size and dpi that you need. I use some custom programs with excellent results but you can also use programs like Genuine Fractals. I can print all the way up to 60x80" at 300 dpi.