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The saga what about printer resolution?
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It's been a tough weekend with about 16 hours of model shoots...well the photography may not have been that long but the waiting seemed to drag on...sigh!

Anyway, we rented out a Canon Digital Rebel as the owners of HotShotz seem to be going that direction. Better than a D30 but not yet a 10D. However at the end of the very long day (with many, many images) the one model wanted some printouts of some of her images to take home to show her mom. When the owner did one of the printouts he was most displeased by the pixelation. So I had him open one of the shots we did this afternoon. He opened the jpeg (High/Fine) in Photoshop and then went to image size. What he saw was the pixel count of 18M, but the document size was something about 11x17 and the dpi was 180. He was surprised (actually he was upset) that the dpi would be so low as he figured with 6megapix he should have better document size and higher dpi. The way he put it..."This Rebel is not any better than my PowerShot". So now I figure he's going to rethink the whole bit of purchasing the Digital Rebel...and we can't forget about the 10D.

So how do I explain to him the ability of getting big prints at (say) 300dpi?

Going RAW won't help matters nor moving up to the 10D...the sensor is still only 6megapix. I tried increasing the dpi in that opened file and of course the pixel count Photoshop was going to add pixels. He's concerned about quality of bigger prints being compromised by the additions.

At what point, in film, does enlarging affect the quality of the print? I seem to remember reading that 35mm negs have the equivalent of 24megapix so the enlargement to say 24x36 should still be good.

What can I say to rest his mind at ease? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]


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