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Re: Have lost film, never digital
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Indeed! I shot a wedding two years ago; about 15 rolls of film. I sent one batch, about 8 rolls, to the lab. I didn't send the rest because I wasn't quite ready at the time. Well, lo and behold, I get a letter from the lab about a week or so later with small pieces of several negatives. The letter said that they regretted to inform me that their machine ate ALL of my film and that these bits and pieces were all that was left. I went right through the roof. Fortunately I hadn't sent the other 7 rolls and was able to provide some images for the bride and groom. Unfortunately, the rolls destroyed contained the pictures of all the family members that were at the wedding whom the B&G said they would probably never see alive again after the wedding. I felt lower than whale s**t at the bottom of the Marianus Trench. The bride and groom were very gracious and just said, "Schtuff happens" and were content to take what I could provide them without another word about it. I was seeing visions of lawsuits dancing in my head. I tried to compensate them by throwing in other things at no cost and they just said it wasn't necessary. I still see that couple to this day and they are still recommending me to everyone. Go figure.

That's my horror story with film. I can see the same potential with digital and I would not put all my eggs in one basket; that much is certain.

Thanks for bringing up a valid point for all to consider; digital or film.

Good day!


By the way, that's an awesome image!! I love how you did that.
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