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Expression: The Other Part of Modeling
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On forums and elsewhere, I see lot of people talking about posing. That is, a model's ability to physically pose their bodies to the camera. Usually, the talk is in the form of critiques of images. Less discussion, however, seems to take place regarding expression. I'm not saying expression is overlooked, it's not, but it's certainly a less-talked-about topic.

Your model's expression can be one of the most powerful elements of your image! Whether it's glamour, fashion, lifestyle, commercial, boudoir, family, a business portrait, whatever, expression speaks volumes to viewers. Why? Because expression conveys attitude and emotion in big ways. If nothing else, we are emotional beings.

Sure, physical posing can do the same, body language and all that, but expression, more often than not, is the most often seen way attitude and emotion are expressed, whether it's with subtle expressions or an expression that hits viewers over the head. READ MORE?
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