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Re: Computer Recommendations For Photography
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Originally Posted by R_Fredrick_Smith View Post
I likewise find Vista to run quite well. I have two Vista machines and three XP machines. I find Vista to perform better than XP and Vista is more resistant to external attacks. I also use a laptop as well as a desktop. I have Vista on one laptop and XP on the other. Both laptops run Photoshop just fine, but the Vista one runs it much faster than the XP one. I do find that the laptop screen is not as good as my larger 22" widescreen LCD that is attached to the desktop machine.

I would recommend that one get the dual core machines. The reason is that Photoshop makes good use of these processors and you get a much faster performance. A second hard internal hard drive is also a must for Photoshop use (as the scratch disk). Minimum of 2 gb of RAM. By the way, the dual cores really shine when you have several applications running at the same time. I often have Photoshop running as well as a large Website Development program, Word, a FTP program, a text editor, and BreezeBrowser.

You can get a fantastic Desktop in the $1000 range and a very usable laptop in that same range. I just bought the Dell Inspirion 1520 with dual core 2.2 ghz processor, 2gb ram, and a good Video card. It has Vista on it. It was under $1000.

By way, for speed comparison. My XP desktop is a 2.8 ghz single core with 2gb of RAM and the Vista desktop is 2.4 ghz dual core, with 2 gb of RAM. Photoshop runs at least 50% faster on it as on the single core. Both have an internal Sata hard drive used for the scratch disk.

Mr. Smith, I honestly don't know what you're doing right, since I don't know your computer setup, but I'm running Vista on a duo core @ 1.8 GHZ with 3 GB of ram, and it crashes at least 3 times daily, a real pain. And I believe that you and Chuck are the only people out there that I've heard good things about Vista from, everybody else who I know that have used it, HATE it with a passion. I'd love for Vista not to crash on me on such a regular basis, so any tips are much appreciated.
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