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Originally Posted by Don_Teague View Post
... haven't been shooting nearly enough to justify even calling myself a "hack photographer" while I've been in Paramedic school, but I'm trying to shoot when I get the chance. Few things suck more than having several attractive, willing "models" ready to shoot and no time to indulge them!
I can commiserate with you Don... I don't think that many civilians understand just how much effort someone has to put in to get their 'medic stripes, these days. When I went through school a couple of decades ago, it was supposed to be a 900 hour course. We had calendars that I marked in florescent orange for a day when I has something 'medic school related to do and I recently found them in a box of old school stuff... it's amazing that there's only one or two days a month (and none during the months we were doing rotations) that isn't colored orange. At the end of school, I guesstimated somewhere around 1400 hours of school, rotations, workshops, drills, practice, outreach programs, etc.

They used to say there'd be "one death", "one marriage", "one divorce", etc, and "one birth" during each medic school class. My wife and I wound up being the "one birth".. well, she was 3-months preggers at the end of school, and I often wonder just when we had time to make that happen!

Now, especially with the new national curriculum (if your state has adopted it), I don't envy you your training schedule. So much new stuff in the last few years.

And so, after 24 years as a paramedic, I'm letting my license lapse in 6 more days.

Anyway - good luck in school and keep watch for D-N-R tattoos on the chest of old time medics!
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