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Re: Light falloff in a canopy?
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Not to burst your bubble...but do you have any idea how hot it's going to get in the roof section of your canopy...without 2 WL3200s even!

I shoot sports events all summer and use a 10x20' canopy for my viewing and sales tent. It gets hot in the tent...very hot. I have two 16" fans going to whole time and it's still hot. Once a small child let go of her animal shaped floated right to the top. When I pull the string, it got caught up in one of the I stepped up on a chair to unhook it. I couldn't beleive how much hotter it was. At least 4-5 degrees like 10-14 degrees F. Even with airflow through the canopy, very little gets up into the roof area.

If you stick two 3200s up had better makes sure you have some way of exhausting the air. Especially since you are putting a diffuser roof up. There will be no airflow in that space...and it doesn't take much to *melt* the canopy material. That's right melt...which I did once use two 500W halogen contruction lights at night on my older 10x10 canopy. Melted two small holes in the canopy top and I had to buy a replacement. The lights were almost 6 inches away from the canopy and it was only 16 degree C that night...not exactly hot.

Just want to throw that out there....
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