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Re: main things to do and remember
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In studio or outdoors? What kind of size?

If I were you with that equipment (been there, done that)... I would find a way to fire the flash off the camera (either slave off the built-in flash, hotshoe extension cord, or fire it into a reflector).

When shooting couples, you normally want the bigger one in the back, unless there's steps involved. Basics like have them turn to the camera... no head-on especially with on-camera strobe. Outdoors, definitely use a reflector to uplight the shadows. If you don't have an assistant, just put it on the floor underneath them.

If you're used to shooting with (and relying on) ETTL flash, you will eventually need to learn how to do it manually... but this is NOT the time to try it.

Oh, and as with everything wedding... it's all about the bride. Make sure you've got several in the can with her looking fantastic, then you can work on the condemned... I mean groom... and the rest of the wedding party.

Hope that helps!
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