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Elinchrom Radio Triggers: EL-Skyport
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I just received my EL-Skyport RX kit, and I'm about to toss my sync cables (yay!). Just thought I'd ask if anyone has tried these yet.

So, has anyone tried these yet?

My first impression was "wow - these are tiny!". It helps that the RX Transceiver is powered by the light - no need for a battery. The camera transmitter is powered by a lithium coin cell - supposed to be good for 50 000 firings.

I ordered the kit with the USB key transceiver, but they haven't arrived yet, so I got the next one down, with the camera transmitter and two RX transceiverss. When the USB key arrives I'm gonna have fun - being able to change the settings on all my strobes by clicking on a lighting scheme on the PC is seriously cute. For now I'll have to settle for being able to dial a light up or down by tenths of an f-stop from the transmitter on the camera

Makes me glad I chose Elinchrom RX when I decided to buy studio strobes. (the system works with other brands, but you don't get remote control of the light settings, just remote firing of the strobes)
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