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I've not found that freezing motion in a studio setting while shooting glamour is a problem. You simply arrange the model in her pose, tell her to hold it, and then shoot. I've never had any problem with motion in these settings. I usually use a tripod, however, when shooting since at longer focal lengths you won't be able to hand hold. But I shoot lots of the shots at about 5.6 which give a reasonable zone of focus on the model.

As for strobe shooting and being able to preview what you'll get, its a lot easier now with digital that it use to be. I use to shoot Polaroids to get the lighting ratios setup and confirm good exposure. With digital this is a snap. But if you use strobes with proportional modeling lights, then you see exactly what you're going to get. Alien Bees are examples of strobes hat have that kind of modeling light. In fact you can put the camera on a tripod, an shoot a shot with ABs using modeling lights only, and then turn the flash on and shoot the same shot and assuming you compensate for WB, you'll get almost identical shots.


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