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Lot's of people are anti-hot lights. The main reason --- is that they are hot.
But now days, there is a new breed of "hot" lights that many photographers are using with great success. They are using fluorescent lighting. The lights are not hot at all and you can use any modifiers that you want with no heat problems. As long as you get daylight balanced bulbs, you have no problems with White balance.

You will often be shooting at slower shutter speeds, however. Typically when I use fluorescents I shoot at 1/60th, but I shoot on with a tripod. If you build your own fluorescent setup, then you can use something like 4 shop lights that will give you something that looks like these:

The above is an example of a setup used by Rolando at his workshops. You can build the whole thing for $100 (get daylight balanced bulbs). The lights are just the 2 bulb (48" long) and you need 4 of them as you can see in the photo.

Here is another example built using 2 by 4's:

It also shows a close up of a typical bulb.

If you get more expensive fluorescent lights with a better ballast, then you can shoot at higher shutter speeds.

Here are some example shots using the above lighting:


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