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Re: Photoshop CS Browser and vanishing flags!
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Originally Posted by Lynn_in_VA
It's happened to me again -- after carefully screening several hundred images and using the "right-click, flag" operation in the Phsp Browser to flag the special ones -- all the flags VANISHED. The only think I can think of -- I copied the folders to a second disk, and the next time I started Phsp --no flags! Arggh!

Is there some trick to keeping these on the images?! They survive for a week -- starting and stopping the machine -- and then poof!

Thanks for any and all ideas,

It is possibly the way it you've set up Bridge (I assuming the use of CS2 in Photoshop, but if you're using an older version, then this won't apply and you would then need to tell us what version of PS and what browser you are using). Here is the CS2 possibility:

I've circled the key area. If you are using the Centralized Cache file, and you then copy the images somewhere else, then tagging will usually go along with it and it will still have the tag in the new location. But if you've moved it to another computer, then it won't. If you have the 2nd option checked, then it saves the info in the folder where the photo was, and if you copy the photo elsewhere, then it is possible for the information to be lost. But not always. Keep in mind also that the Centralized method has a file size limit, and when you fill the area, it may start getting rid of the older tagging information, etc. So these are a few things to check out. If you copy the files from outside of Photoshop, then often you do indeed lose the tags because the app doesn't know about the tag along cache in the folder.


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