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Thumbnail for Albums?
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Just created a couple of category albums, and moved a heap of images into them. This is good - I'm trying to tidy up my portfolio, and I think that's a good idea.

Main question: can I assign an image to an album so it has a thumbnail when someone views my main portfolio? I'd like to give an idea of what's in the album - something like a cover page.

Secondary question (probably deserves its own thread - tough!): I've been copying images into my albums, which means they leave comments behind (pity!). Should I move them into albums, instead of copying? Or do I do a "move-and-delete"?

Tertiary question (ditto): can I mark an entire album as "nude"? If I upload images into an album, rather than the "nude" main category, how do I mark them as "nude"? Should I include the word "nude" in the album title?
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