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Re: Hobbyists--Are you a photographer?
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I used to be a photographer. An amateur, got paid a couple of times (wampum beads, as I recall). I loved to draw and photography was a lot easier and a perfect blend of technology and creativity - back when I did all my own b/w work, and even color briefly. I like digital, but it just isn't the same somehow.
I keep telling myself I'll start shooting again, but life keeps getting in the way...grant proposals, reviews, papers to grade, classes to prepare, personal issues ad nauseum.
I don't regret not trying to be a professional photographer. I do love (most of) what I do to earn money, and I'm pretty good at it, at least sometimes. But the creativity of what I do professionally isn't the same as the creativity of photography, and that I miss.
I've looked at a lot of photos and have learned a little bit, I think, about photography. So I keep coming and try to offer encouragement. It's still a thrill to see someone's rendition of a beautiful woman in a way I didn't expect. And, as you say, "... pretty girls are…well you know."

Sorry, no photos on line right now.
"Keeping shooting will do more for the excellence of your photography than most any camera will!" JimmyD, PGS Extraordinaire.
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