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Re: The Boards are Breeding Like Rabbits - Stop the Madness!
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Originally Posted by HankP
I kinda like the addition of the non glamour boards, so we can show our other interest too. I think that will pick up participation.
Please forgive me if this sounds like a personal attack on your idea, Hank... you just happened to be the latest person to voice the opinion that this is a great place for general photography and such.

When I PURCHASED a lifetime membership to GarageGlamour a few years ago, it was expressly because it was a forum devoted entirely to a subject that I have a very active interest in: GLAMOUR. Not a forum where the main topic is weddings... not a forum where people show off their pet photos... not even a place where general people photography is the norm. GLAMOUR. And, while we always tolerated (and sometimes encouraged) the sharing of non-glamour work on GarageGlamour, the emphasis always got back, quickly, to the reason we were all here: GLAMOUR.

And now, though the name has changed, it is still branded as a GLAMOUR forum!

I think Rolando is making a huge mistake by trying to be all things to all people... and creating all these other forums is a continuation of that marketing faux pa.

If you want a forum for non-glamour stuff... I can point you in any number of directions - they're out there by the hundreds, but there is/was only a very few forums where photographers who were serious about glamour photography could meet with others who were similarly serious about this genre of photography.

This is what GarageGlamour / Glamour1 should be all about:

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