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Alienware update
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In a previous post I detailed the problems that I had with my brand new Alienware computer. Ok, I didn't need the liquid cooled dual core processor, but I got it. Keep in mind that it came to me configured wrong, and that the Tech Support crashed it. The recovery disk that came with it was the wrong one. They said they would ship me the right one, 2nd day FedEx. A week later, no disk. Then I call and they say, "oh, we mailed it and it takes two weeks to get to you." When it finally arrives, it won't go on. The computer that has never worked will not accept a new operating system. So, they want it back for repair. I ship it back. I call to talk to the repair tech. No, but we will put in the notes that you want it configured right and tested. Ok , I get it back, with no notice that it shipped. It still isn't configured for the RAID1. I call tech support and they try to walk me through it again. Crash. No operating system. Now they want it back, for the 2nd time.

I ship it back, call customer service and say, look, it came to me wrong, it hasn't been fixed, I am losing money on this, just refund the purchase price of the computer, and I'll shop somewhere else. They tell me that the refund cannot be processed because the computer is more than 30 days old.

I have spent 20 hours on the phone with these idiots, they broke it, they can't fix it and they want me to pay. No. I am talking to a young male customer service agent who refuses to connect me with his supervisor, saying, "I am the final say on refunds, and I say no."

I issued a dispute with the credit card company, wrote to the corporate offices, and have a call in to our local TV consumer advocate. I cannot believe the gall of them, it's over 30 days old.

Okay, I feel a little better.
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