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Re: D-50 with Nikkor any opinions?
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I didn't want to wait for a D200 (still 45 days at my local shop) and I got the same "kit" you mentioned. I would have had to wait for the body alone but they had the kits in stock. My plan was to use all of the MF primes that I've built up since the '80s.

My old lenses are tack sharp but I tried out the 28 - 80 in a real shoot and it actually ended up being used by a client for a 20 x 30 poster and looks great. Genuine Fractals was used for up rez. I do use the D50 regularly for calendar work now. I only use manual exposure mode so I cannot comment on most features.

The camera is kind of light compared to what I am used to (F3HP-MD4-Firing Rate Converter) so I'm not sold on taking it where I might beat on it.

I'm quite happy with D50, Nikon Capture, and Genuine Fractals.

-- Dave