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Re: S&T II - Jessica and Ezzy on the Balcony
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Thanks for all the kind words guys, as always. Having never done this kind of work before, I'm really encouraged to stick with it. It's a lot of fun and the community around here is simply fantastic.

rdavis, I pretty much just go with the feel and try a few different processings on each image before I pick a path to follow.

Basic workflow would be curves to get the mood that I want; then if I want a softer or more striking look I will apply a Photoshop filter (such as a modified Dave's Ethereal Glow or Midnight Glow) on a duplicated layer, then fade that layer until the image doesn't look too out there (for my taste, that is); then I will dodge and burn anything that I want a little more contrast in (such as the eyes or facial features); and finally I'll zoom in to 100% and use the spot healing brush to smooth lines or remove blemishes.

I often times will do other things like adjusting curves a second or third time while processing the image, or use layers (usually in overlay mode) for effect, or do selective saturation/desaturation on specific color ranges, etc.

I know my process is not the most professional (I know I should use adjustment layers so that I don't 'damage' the original image through processing), but I'm just in the first steps of walking down the road of learning to do all this stuff the right way.

Thanks again for the comments, guys!

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