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Re: Help me shop! (Hensel)
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well everybody's needs are different depending on what they are gonna be shooting (and where).

I have (6) 500W Pro's (Not the Plus) MonoLights, Hensel is coming out with aBattery pack to make their Monolights portable in April. they are also coming out with a 1000w version of the Monolights.

I have the 5' Octodome soft box by Photoflex and while it is nice, it sucks up the power. I have three Photoflex boxes (and their Speed rings) and they work great. i do have the lil' Hensel softbox that comes in the Kit, but have never used it.

the hensel Light stands were a bit too light duty for me so I sold them off, my fav light stands are the Bogen 3361's.

Got most all my stuff from B&H, although Samy's, Adorama and a local So. Cal. store all carry Hensel acessories, so I never really had any problems filling out my stuff.

I went with the 7" Hensel Reflectors, along with Barn Doors, Beauty Dish, Grids, #92 Snoot and a #156 Backlight Reflector.

Moving up from White Lightnings, I had two of their Lite-Mods, which I used JB Weld to attach #87 Reflectors to so that I could use my White Lightning Gels and Gel Holders, it's much easier than using gaffers tape (IMO). I also bought (6) of the White Lightning Light Bags, the hensels fit right in them and they are very padded and a great value at $13 each.

The Hensel lil' umbrella that comes in the kit is great on a boom for a hair light.

Sinc I already had pocket wizards and since I did not like the hasel involved with using the Hensel transmitters, I opted to get the non "Plus's", besides at $100 MORE each, the money I saved on five Lights bought my sixth...

You'll be happy...

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