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Beauty dish / Mola / geometry DIY
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Hi fellow GG'ers,

after seeing the prices of the Mola beauty dishes, the idea of building a dish myself isn't very far away anymore.

My first idea was to rent a Mola dish and just try to emulate the shape - which is what I would do if I could rent such a dish here...

Studying the way other photographers made their dish, makes me believe the shape of the dish doesn't seem to matter. Some use woks, overlight reflektors, or salad bowls. And I know this can't be the case.
I've basically seen 2 ways these beauty dishes are built: one shallow and one deep design.

I would like to learn a bit more about the geometry of such dishes, because then a homebuilt solution can be built as good as the existing designs!
If the beauty dish is only used sporadically (as a hobby photographer), stability is not that important - maybe one could even build a beauty dish out of coated papiermache (paper) or coated cardboard!

How should a good beauty dish form the light ? Does it suffice to have a hotspot gradually fading ?

Does anyone have a picture of the lightpattern a mola creates on seamless paper ?

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