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In terms of lighting, I'd say (in my non-authoritative opinion) that you're getting along nicely. That being said, #1 is pretty hot on her forehead. Not knowing your setup, I don't know what the exact solution is. It strikes me that perhaps you're shooting fairly wide open (which, in my experience, can cause some "burn" and exacerbate hotspots on the skin) or your source is perhaps too direct and too close.

A few other items though:

On #1: The skin on her face is almost muddy and flat, it's so smoothed out. Perhaps some of the above mentioned hotspots could be caused by oversmoothing, over lightening and over blurring. That extreme degree of "waxation" of the skin contrasts much too sharply with how sharp and clear her eyes, mouth, and hair are. It's as if she's wearing a transparent mask. Thank you for having her hands visible, while they're in her hair (not a "rule," just a pet peeve).

#2: I have nothing of major import to say here, I REALLY like it (and I'm not a fan of the dreamy/foggy look). It's a tad underexposed for my taste (for that particular setup), but I can clearly see where you're headed with that shot. While, IMO, there is room for improvement, I think you got where you wanted to go with it.

#3: I can see almost every healing brush dollop on her face and neck. I Love the mask, great crop, angle, and use of space. I'm not sure of the solution to better blending of the repair areas, but perhaps calibrating your monitor (if it isn't) or selecting a larger/softer brush with less opacity/flow rate would help that...

Cheers and keep shooting!

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