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Re: Ready for a laugh???
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I trully have an excuse, working my day job 60+ hours a week until December 31, plus all of the family events, friends wanting to do stuff like going to the bar or all of the football. There is alot of food to prepare and make for all of these events, cleaning house and my car. Some chores like dishes and laundry are pretty easy. BTW I am ready for a laugh, I was expecting a picture of a person in snow shoes playing tennis, or a car on fire driving down the highway, something from the three stooges. I did however buy a lens from kb camera yesterday for shipping only. I think that is funny. We will see if I actually get it.

I also recently purchased a film scanner to only find out that the software is not compatable with microsoft xp 64 because of the drivers. Now I have to go over to my parents to use their lawnmower of a laptop to do scans. Thats funny. I hope to post some new stuff soon.
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