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Re: Computer specs??
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Your best bet by far is a Window's based product. The new dual core processors from Intel or AMD are fantastically fast and Photoshop in particular gets a extra boost from these processors. I would go with 2gb of memory and two internal harddrives which lets you place Photoshop scratch disk on a separate hard drive. The great advantage of Window's OS is that you'll have 10 times as many options for software and other add-ons and you won't be locked into a proprietary system. One way to check this out for yourself, is to go to a large store like Fry's and visit the software section and note the 2 aisles of software for other OSs and the 15 aisles of software for the Window's OS.
This becomes a key issue down the road. I travel all over the world and I've seen first hand that about 90% of all of the PCs I see are running Window's OS.
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