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Photogenic Studiomax III recycling speed on battery
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Hi all

This is my maiden post ;-) Greetings to all.

I thought I might ask this here because I read that a few forumers own and use the Studiomax battery powered strobe.

I am really interested in these lights (the Studiomax III 320Ws unit - AKC320B) but I can't seem to locate any specs with regards to the recycling speed when the light runs on battery. Do you guys have any *real world* times to share? Say at Full, half, quarter power?

The flashtube looks awfully fragile and I am just wondering how you guys protect the unit when transporting?

Also, I own a few Lumedyne 052C minicyclers as well as two Quantum Turbos. Is there anybody using the Studiomax with these? One of the things that attract me to this light unit is that the high voltage cord comes with the head.

I appreciate any advice and information regarding these lights, as well as your opinions as to the pros and cons in real use.

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