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The Czech beauty light....
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For those who clicked on James' link and didn't see the beauty light... ya gotta keep going a long way... It's like the almost last image you can access.

But anyway, looking at his design... Here's a direct link... Czech beauty light he has a nifty way to mount the front reflector. Suspend it on cords above the center of the main bowl, kinda like the big radio astronomy dish at Arecibo.

I'm going to think about that approach... it sure beats a lot of cutting and bending brackets to hold the front piece.

Another thing, you oughta look at on his pages is the ring light (a la Kino) he built. He uses individual bulbs mounted around a wheel like piece of board. Now if he had used those low wattage flourescents that are coiled up, it'd be a LOT cooler for the model.

Anybody know if those "economizer" type bulbs come in 5000 K versions?

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