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D30 black pixs?? anyone else??
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hello and greets!! just wanted to see if anyone else here has encountered this problem. i have a canon EOS D30. it works great BUT when i use an external flash, all of a sudden the other great fotos have been coming out DARK as if the flash didnt fire, though it did. the viewfinder info recognizing the flash works, showing the proper flash shutter speed and f-stop. but look at the pix afterwards and the pix is nearly black. this happens when using the on-camera flash also, using prg and full auto in both situations.

of course, NOT using the flash still gives me great fotos w/o any problems. i would think if the shutter was screwing up as appears to be the problem, it would occur in ALL cases, not just in flash exposures. i don't use my flash too many times, but the rare times i'd like to have a functional flash. the last times the flash (both ext and on-camera) was used was about two months ago with NO problems!

any ideas?? suggestions?? thanks for your time and comments...

no flash required here!!!