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Re: I am NOT nor have I ever been associated with the NAZI party...
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One half of my family died back then. the hands of the OTHER half of my family.
A small fraction of that family that did the killing actually helped the other half escape
while another small fraction was dropping bombs and launching artilary at the half that helped the other half escape

.... You can imagine, family gatherings, quite the interesting and ultimately confusing experience. But with all of the bad and ugly aspects of history, I have heard a lot of stories and everything is never so black and white. People shouldn't look at something and automatically assume things like, I guess in this case "he must be a nazi"

From someone who I guess stereotypically should be upset by the aforementioned work, just wanted to say that I'm not. And do I think your a nazi? No, think your just into period history, and nothing wrong with that.

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