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"The internet is the great equalizer."--Rolando Gomez
In March of 1999 Garage Glamour™ launched as a personal, "freelance" portfolio for Rolando Gomez, a military photojournalist. The portoflio reflected his passion for glamour photography.

Immediately Garage Glamour™ was overwhelmed by the a flood of emails from other people who related to Rolando's "garage concept;" a concept Rolando coined toward a genre of photography known as glamour photography.

Similar to garage bands members, Garage Glamour™ believes for every professional who owns a studio, there are hundreds if not thousands who work full-time in other professions to pay their bills while actively pursuing their creative passions in the photographic arts.

Shortly after adding a public forum to Garage Glamour™, the site gained overnight popularity and became a "virtual community." Immediately BLRIS Inc. was formed to take Garage Glamour™ into a commercial realm--thus the birth of the portfolio hosting and premium benefits to it's virtual community and family.

The results were astounding--300+ members (1st year) & traffic averaging over 650,000 page views & 80,000 unique user sessions per month.

Eventually the name transitioned to Glamour One™ to truly represent where this fabulous community of models and photographers has grown into--the number one glamour family on the net.

Currently Glamour One™ cranks close to ten million page views per month--not hits, but actual page impressions per month with almost a million unique user sessions per month on average--that's over a million hits per day.

Glamour One™ was featured in Shutterbug and Photoinsider magazines in 2001. Glamour One™ ranks high in most search engines under keywords, glamour, glamour photography (#1 on Google, AOL and Yahoo), photography, glamour models, and photography forums. Glamour One™ is also ranked in the top most downloaded web sites out of over 61,000,000 and counting on the Internet by current rank here!

Find more information and highlights on Glamour One™ and BLRIS the webmaster at

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